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Sun Trend makes high temp. furnaces from room temp to 3000℃, for use in mass production and laboratories (in factories or research institutions). Sun Trend specializes in thermal system engineering and offers products including single crystal and oxide crystal furnaces (for sapphire, LN etc), vacuum metal DS casting furnaces, 3000℃ graphitization furnace, waste treatment furnaces and other continuous / batch type high temp furnaces, according to customer requirements.


Our Products

Sun Trend team specializes in high temperature furnace design with production capability. Our customized solutions provide great value for money and are designed to meet growing demands of companies and academia in high temperature. 

Our products include features such as: 

  • High temperature balance control

  • Furnace atmosphere control

  • Pressure range adjustment

  • Special insultation

  • Designed to be green and environmentally friendly

We also provide special solutions for disintegration of all kinds of industrial, commercial or medical waste in to reusable substances. We can also modify and refurbish your existing high temperature equipment, including repair and spare part replacements.




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Key Products : 

High temperature equipment, crystal furnace, graphitization furnace, waste disposal system, and customized equipment & furnace development.

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